Quality Cosmetic & Restorative

Sexton Dental Clinic offers the latest in restorative dentistry with our full service Cosmetic and Restorative department.  We are proud to offer crown and bridgework, root canal therapy, fillings, and for those who want to improve their smile, we offer complete smile makeovers with Lumineers by Cerinate as well as cleaning and whitening.  The Cosmetic and Restorative department works by appointment only.

Crown and Bridgework

Our crown and bridgework is a two appointment procedure.  During the patient's first appointment, we will take impressions for both the temporary and permanent crown/bridgework.  The teeth will be prepped for the crown/bridgework and a temporary acrylic crown/bridge will be placed over the prepped teeth.  The patient will then return in three to four weeks when the temporary will be removed and the permanent crown/bridge will be seated.

Similar to our crown and bridgework, root canal therapy is also a two appointment process.  This is because in most cases after the root canal has been performed, a crown is required to protect the tooth.  Ask if your root canal is eligible for our new same day service.

Fillings are also available in the restorative deartment.  We offer tooth colored fillings as well as amalgam or silver fillings.

Lumineers are quickly becoming our most popular service.  With Lumineers you can have the smile you always wanted.  They correct tooth discoloration, noticeable gaps between teeth, and broken or permanently stained teeth.  There is no anasthetic required and no removal of sensitive tooth structure.  The Lumineers are bonded directly to the front of your teeth.  This is also a two appointment procedure.  The first appointment will require a minimal amount of prepping to the desired teeth and impressions will be taken.  You will then return in three to four weeks to have the Lumineers placed.   


Sexton Dental Clinic has a full service dental hygiene department which offers several degrees of cleaning.  We offer basic hygiene, gross scaling and deep scaling for patients who require more than the basic service.  We also offer bleaching trays for those who want to lighten the color of their natural teeth.  The Hygiene department works by appointment only. 

For questions or to Schedule an appointment with the Cosmetic and Restorative department, call toll free at 866-634-3846, or 843-656-1943.

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