Complete Pricing

Sexton Dental Clinic has always provided quality dental care at affordable prices. We post all of our prices right here on the website to save you time. You simply can't beat our prices.

Payment Options

We accept cash, check or major credit cards as payment. Payment is expected when services are rendered.

Ifyou will be presenting a Check or Debit/Credit Card for payment that is not your own or does not bear your name, Sexton Dental Clinic requires NOTARIZED WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION from the check or card owner as well as a copy of their government issued identification. This can be submitted via fax or email, at which time the check/card owner will be contacted by our facility for confirmation.

No Starter Checks are accepted. Check holder name and address must be printed on checks when presented for payment. If you will be presenting a Business or Church check for payment, Sexton Dental Clinic requires that the check be accompanied by a letter from the organization stating use of such check is authorized.

If you are a business owner, presenting a business check for payment, the check must bear your name, and the address on the check must match the address on your identification. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY.

This serves to protect check/debit/credit card holders and our facility from fraudulent use of check and debit/credit cards.


We do not accept insurance as payment for services. We do, however file your insurance claims when services have been completed. There is an $8 filing fee for this service, and the insurance company will send a reimbursement check directly to the patient.

We accept SC Medicaid for covered services. You must have with you your Medicaid card and a picture id.

Care Credit Financing

We also accept Care Credit as payment for services. Care Credit is a low monthly payment program designed specifically to pay for healthcare that is not covered by insurance. If interested in this payment option, call 1-800-365-8295 or visit Care Credit on the web at

The prices listed below reflect our Florence location only.

Please note that the fees listed for all immediate dentures include a free reline within 90 days.

Table: Sexton Complete Pricing
Service Name Pricing
Complete Upper and Lower Basic Denture Without Extractions190.00
Complete Upper Basic Denture without extractions 99.00
Complete Lower Basic Denture without extractions 99.00
Complete upper Characterized Denture without extractions


Complete lower Characterized denture without extractions


Complete upper Signature Denture without extractions


Complete Lower Signature Denture without extractions180.00

Complete Upper and Lower Characterized Denture without Extractions

Complete Upper and Lower Signature Denture without Extractions315.00
Complete Upper and Lower Denture Custom Try-in Without Extractions525.00-625.00
Complete Upper Denture Custom Try-in Without Extractions395.00-425.00
Complete Lower Denture Custom Try-in Without Extractions395.00-425.00
Partial Upper Basic Denture Without Extractions165.00
Partial Lower Basic Denture Without Extractions165.00
Partial Upper Characterized Denture Without Extractions180.00
Partial Lower Characterized Denture Without Extractions180.00
Partial Upper Signature Denture without Extractions225.00
Partial Lower Signature Denture Without Extractions225.00
Complete upper or lower immediate Signature Denture205.00
Cast metal partial Without Extractions425.00
Complete Upper and Lower Immediate Basic Denture260.00
Complete Upper and Lower immediate Characterized Denture280.00
Complete Upper and Lower immediate Signature Denture340.00
Complete Upper Immediate Basic Denture170.00
Complete Lower Immediate Basic Denture170.00
Complete Upper Immediate Characterized Denture185.00
Complete Lower Immediate Characterized Denture185.00
Complete Upper Immediate Signature Denture205.00
Complete Lower Immediate Signature Denture205.00
Partial Immediate Basic Denture190.00
Partial Immediate Characterized Denture205.00
Partial Immediate Signature Denture235.00
Simple Extraction with Denture25.00
Simple Extraction without Denture45.00
Full Mouth Xray (required)50.00
Crack or break repair49.00

Tori SurgeryDoctor Quote
Surgical Extractions and Wisdom TeethDoctor Quote

Bleaching and Gel Trays350.00
Bleach Syringe (4pack)65.00
Tooth Repair (Single Tooth)38.00
Tooth Repair (Additional Teeth)18.00
Signature Tooth Repair (Single Tooth)49.00
Signature Tooth Repair (Additional Teeth)23.00
Crack or Break Repair49.00
Crack or Break Repair (With Impression)85.00
Resaddle Partial205.00
Clean Single Denture20.00
Gold Clasp on Partial110.00
Soft bite Guard185.00
Over Denture350.00
Xray Copy15.00
Vinyl (Per Plate)28.00
Adjustments (After 60 days)35.00
Reline (per Plate)45.00
Soft-Liner (Per Plate)45.00
Impression to Repair85.00
Open Face or Solid Gold290.00
Gold Transfer45.00

Xray and Exam75.00
IV Conscious Sedation425.00
Extractions (per tooth)75.00
Extractions (wisdom or surgical)95.00 minimum each

Tori and other Surgery750.00 minimum
Complete Upper and Lower Denture (Sedation Dept)260.00
Single Upper or Lower Denture (Sedation Dept)170.00
Partial Denture (Sedation Dept)190.00
Root Canal (Molar)800.00
Root Canal (Bicusp)700.00
Root Canal (Anterior)600.00
Composite and Amalgam Fillings (1 Surface)120.00
Composite and Amalgam Fillings (2 Surfaces)130.00
Composite and Amalgam Fillings (3 Surfaces)140.00
Composite and Amalgam Fillings (4 Surfaces)150.00
Composite and Amalgam Fillings (5 Surfaces)175.00

Crowns PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal)650 (Minimum)
Open Face Gold Crowns1100.00
Solid Gold (Yellow) Crown1100.00
Bridgework (Per Unit)650.00 (Minimum)
Lumineers/Veneers1500.00 each
All Porcelain Crowns (Posterior)650.00
All Porcelain Crowns (Anterior)750.00
Buildup Post and Core200.00
Hygiene (cleaning)70.00-90.00
Deep Scale (per Quad)150.00
Study Models30.00

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